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  Preparation production services include clinical/declared sample production, process scale-up, process verification and commercial production. Customized production services according to customer needs, with the production capacity of hard capsules, tablets, freeze-dried powder injections and injections.
Oral solid preparations (capsules, tablets)-the first choice of China and the United States
  The solid preparation OSD workshop passed FDA cGMP certification in 2019; it can realize wet granulation, drying, dry granulation, total mixing, tableting, coating, capsule filling, inner packaging, outsourcing and other functions, suitable for large-scale new drug varieties and expensive fine drugs , Orphan drugs, anti-tumor drugs, clinical sample production, provide services for global pharmaceutical companies, solve problems in the development and production of preparations, and support customers to quickly advance and market new drugs;
Injection production line (via vials, small needles, freeze-dried)-the first choice for small batches of CMO
  Injection production line, small-capacity injection, freeze-dried powder injection production line, equipped with high-efficiency double-chamber isolators, negative pressure weighing hood, the most advanced domestic washing filling and sealing equipment, the volume of liquid preparation is 10L~500L, suitable for 2ml-30ml multiple specifications The production of vials can ensure production quality while minimizing the loss of liquid medicine during the production process.

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