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Renfu Pharmaceutical Group

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Renfu Pharmaceutical Group
Renfu Pharmaceutical Optics Valley Industrial Park
   Renfu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1997 (600079.SH). Hubei Province Pharmaceutical Industry Leading Enterprise, China's Pharmaceutical Industry Top 100, National Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise.
The company adheres to the strategy of "being a leader in the pharmaceutical market segment", and has established a leading position in domestic anesthetic analgesics, fertility regulators, Uyghur drugs and other sub-sectors; at the same time, it actively develops pharmaceutical business and steadily promotes the internationalization , To achieve global R&D, market and industrial layout in the United States and Africa.
As a "Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center" and "National Major New Drug Development Project Undertaking Unit", the company insists on taking R&D as the forerunner, and is at the forefront of domestic pharmaceutical companies' R&D investment and new drug development. The Junke Optics Valley Innovative Drug R&D Center" led the establishment of the "Hubei Biomedicine Industry Technology Research Institute", dedicated to building a domestic first-class new drug R&D industrialization platform.
  The pace of development will never stop. The goal of Renfu Medicine is to become one of the leaders in China's pharmaceutical industry and become an international pharmaceutical company with sustained competitiveness!

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